Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2011

"An important presence in the contemporary independent dance scene in Turkey, Zeynep Tanbay is performing in Greece for the first time. Zeynep Tanbay will present her latest work Araz. With studies and a career with some of the most prominent dance groups, such as M. Graham, A. Ailey and P. Taylor, Tanbay holds centre stage in the landscape of Turkish choreography. Araz, which focuses on clear motion, is a composition of fourteen self-standing parts, with the choreography interchanging between solo and group arrangements. It is the third production of the Zeynep Tanbay Dans Projesi since their foundation in 2005 and it constitutes an encounter of dance with the music of Philip Glass, Yann Tiersen, Burhan Ocal, Mercan Dede and Baba Zula."

from Athens & Epidaurus Festival program catalogue

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