In search of a new space and new opportunities

We have parted with our sponsor, with which we had been running our projects since 2003. We are searching for new sponsors for our future projects and a new space. We would like to create new works and continue with the dance atelier.



When earlier this year Ahmet Erenli, General Manager of Borusan Culture and Arts, came up with the idea to comission a new piece to ZTDP within the frame of the ‘Beethoven Festival’, it was a time when we were withdrawn from the financial support of our sponsor and we had lost our dance studio, where we used to rehearse, to have classes and workshops... a time, our company was at a point of almost falling apart. The main problem has not solved yet..

While we were going through such an unpleasant and unpredictable phase, working together with the Borusan Quartet and becoming part of the ‘Beethoven Festival’ by accepting this comissioned project, meant for me and my dancers with whom I worked for many years, a new and exciting challenge.

I would like to take this occasion to thank especially dear Özge Selvitopu for providing  the Stage Dance Studio for the use of ZTDP, where our company had the chance to get together for the first time after a break of almost two years.

Furthermore, I am nevertheless very grateful to Mr. Mustafa Erdoğan and his helpful, friendly and supportive team, who opened up without any hesitation the doors of the studios of Anadolu Ateşi (Fire of Anatolia) for the rehearsals of ZTDP.

While working there in different studios next to each other, the sound of the folkloric rythms of Anadolu Ateşi melted with the music of Beethoven’s great String Quartets, forming a mosaic of music and dance.

In such a period of time symbiosis came to life!

Undoubtedly my greatest thank goes to Borusan Culture and Arts and its General Director Mr. Ahmet Erenli, not only for his courage in coming up with the idea of producing a stage project for the first time, but also for his kind support and the deep trust he showed in the artistic quality of ZTDP, that gave life to the company, when it was at a desperate moment of questioning its very existance.

In a way everybody mentioned here and including you, the readers of this page, we all form a part of this symbiosis reality.

The meaning is hidden in the word itself...

All the best,

zeynep tanbay


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