Dance Atelier
Zeynep Tanbay Dance Atelier is the leading centre for modern dance in Istanbul, keeping all the activities organized during the past 10 years behind.

Dance Atelier, the operational ground of the Zeynep Tanbay Dance Project, has become the first choice in modern dance training, not only for dance students, children and adults, but also for professionals in the field.

It provides young dancers both a main centre to expand their horizons in modern dance and a platform where they have the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with the ZTDP through their open rehearsals and classes.

Annually held since 2008, the 'ztdp dancers' is a project that aims to raise the next generation of choreographers, encouraging the creativity of the company dancers and allowing them to present their own choreographies to the audience.

Dance Atelier is now the international address for all foreign trainers and choreographers who visit Istanbul for such events as technical classes, workshops, and talks. Zeynep Tanbay receives applications from teachers all over the world.

Zeynep Tanbay Dance Atelier has become a true centre for dance with a firm reputation in Turkey and Istanbul, as well as getting attention of the international dance scene.
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