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Zeynep Tanbay - The Cry of Dance
The documentary produced by IZ TV debuted in 2008, has been regularly aired since, reached a growing audience throughout the years.

Ali Kazma - Obstructions
One of the leading video artists in Turkey and in the world's top 100-list, Ali Kazma's video project ZTDP 'Dance Company' was screened first in Lille, France and then in Istanbul at the KazımTaşkent Art Gallery between 25 December 2009 and 30 January 2010, as part of his Obstructions exhibition.

10 Artists 10 Impressions - Network
Network one of the distinguished fashion icons of Turkey, celebrated its 10th anniversary by a project displaying 10 artists on its shop windows throughout the country for a month. Zeynep Tanbay was among "those 10 inspirational artists who make the world a better place" along with Alev Ebuzziya, Ara Güler, Bülent Erkmen, Canan Tolon, Elif Şafak, Faruk Malhan, Mercan Dede, Osman Dinç, and Piyale Madra.

Dance Company of the Year Award
The Classical Music Awards launched by the Andante Magazine in 2010 was first presented to the ZTDP in the category of ‘Dance Company of the Year’.

The Advertising Foundation's online competition Call4Istanbul, which was held within the scope of Istanbul European Capital of Culture, featured Zeynep Tanbay as one of the nine cultural figures of Istanbul in its City Inspirers section.

Le Monde Blog
Le Monde Blog, designed for the French newspaper Le Monde, published an extensive interview with Zeynep Tanbay as one of Turkey's 10 distinguished contemporary artists.

Sezen Aksu

In 2011 Zeynep Tanbay’s solo İÇ was featured on barcovision during the Openair Theatre concert series of Sezen Aksu, one of Turkey’s most remarkable singers.

Beethoven Festival

Borusan Culture and Arts invited Zeynep Tanbay to the first of its biennial thematic festivals which was dedicated to Beethoven. For the commissioned work, Tanbay has choreographed "symbiosis" to her selection of composer’s great String Quartets which was premiered on 20th of December 2013 during Beethoven Festival.
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